You get access to more than 50 years of experience joining our team

You get access to more than 50 years of experience joining our team

There are numerous reasons KIDS FIRST Swim Schools are so successful, but the underlying factor is the base of knowledge and vision of our founder Gary Roth.

When you join our team as a franchise owner, you gain access to everything Roth has learned over the years about swimming, teaching kids how to swim and what it takes to not only get a swim school up and running but make it successful over the long haul. There is a system. There is a method and there is a blueprint that has worked time and time again. It simply requires investment and hard work to make it happen. 41386411_M

Roth grew up around swimming. He competed on swim teams and worked as a lifeguard. That experience later led him to coach youth swimming teams with great success. When he became a parent, Roth saw through his family’s experience that many kids didn’t have access to swim lessons and a lot of those who did weren’t receiving effective teaching. That led him to the idea of KIDS FIRST Swim Schools. You can learn more about Gary Roth’s personal story here.

We want all of our franchises to be successful because that means we are ultimately helping more and more kids to learn to swim. We give our franchise owners enormous support and access to proven designs, technique and methods in every element of the startup phase and running the business over time. We like to think of ourselves as a family and each new franchise joins that family.

There is no reason you can’t be successful as a member of our team and our family. Even if you don’t have a deep background in swimming, you can still operate a thriving business built around teaching kids to swim. We’ll show you how.



Sandy Maciver