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“My husband, Michael, and myself, own the Kids First Swim School of Cherry Hill, NJ. Our children learned to swim at Kids First Swim School of Norristown, PA. We were clients there for 3 years. We loved what they had to offer, and the technique used to have our children learn to swim. Swimming is important in our family, as my husband swam competitively from 8 years of age, through his college years. We are also a very big beach family, so being in the ocean is just apart of our makeup.

We spoke with the owners of the Kids First Swim Schools, and they said they were looking to open a school in Cherry Hill, NJ. I am from Cherry Hill, so I thought this would be a great fit. I know the families there, and the area well, and we are right at home! Between our love of swim, children, and being a native, its been a wonderful experience!

This is our story….. Learning to swim is a life skill. Kids First Swim Schools makes that skill possible.”

Kellie and Michael Zirinsky


“One of the best parts of owning a KIDS FIRST Swim School franchise –  is the difference that you make in your local community. I enjoy bumping into parents around town and they get so excited talking about their children and the progress they are making at the school. It is very rewarding owning a business that makes such a big difference in its customer’s lives.”

– Brian C.






Tim Pitkewicz has always had a passion for helping children. After working eight years as a high school counselor, Tim knew that he was ready for a change, but wanted to remain in a career focused on helping children learn and grow. In 2013, Tim began working part-time at KIDS FIRST Swim Schools, and immediately recognized the above and beyond swim program the brand offered.

The passion and dedication he saw from the KIDS FIRST Swim School team, as well as the enthusiasm he saw from the students, inspired Tim to take his involvement at KIDS FIRST Swim Schools to the next level. In 2017, Tim and his wife, Kristin, decided to purchase their own KIDS FIRST Swim School in Springfield, Virginia to continue teaching children the vital skill of swimming.






“We knew we wanted to open a Kids First Swim School franchise after learning about the trademarked curriculum and believing that every child should learn to swim. Families want their children to be safe. From the home office support at Kids First, to the follow up instructor training it has propelled us to having a healthy business. We can see the results of our children daily. Being an owner for 5 years, the retention of not only our customers but our students is high. We all believe in the value of teaching children and adults how to swim.”

– Susanna W.


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