Side hustles: a way of life for nearly half of Americans

Side hustles: a way of life for nearly half of Americans

The results are in: the side hustle is becoming as ubiquitous as baseball and apple pie. A recent study from found DO NOT USE Kids First Franchise Company IMG_7333 that 45% of working Americans make extra money on the side.

This bodes well for members of the Kids First Swim School franchise family, as it means that many would-be employees in your community will be seeking extra work. You may be able to leverage skills and experience from an employee’s primary career not often found in the wage rate you are willing to pay. And, for better or worse, Bankrate also found that 3 out of 10 of those with a side job do it to make ends meet, which may cut down on the turnover that occurs with people less dependent on the additional income.

Moreover, as a franchisee, you offer some distinct advantages for part-time employees over other types of side gigs:

  • Fewer expenses and start-up costs. Your part-time employees have a manageable, minimal outlook for extra expenses, unlike a ride share or food delivery job. Their initial investment is also much less than many multi-level marketing companies that require significant upfront supply purchases.
  • Taxes deducted. Freelancers often experience a nasty shock at tax time, when the realization that they haven’t managed their tax situation comes in the form of a hefty balance due. Working in a Kids First Swim School means that they’ll have payroll taxes deducted.
  • Predictable clientele. With a ride share job or a serving role in food service, workers often won’t know who they’ll be dealing with from one shift to the next. At Kids First, your employees will enjoy the stability of a family-friendly environment.

The Kids First Swim School franchise model offers distinct advantages to you as an owner as well, including the possibility of semi-absentee ownership. Ready to learn more? Visit our website at and fill out the confidential questionnaire today!

Sandy Maciver