KIDS FIRST Swim Schools Makes a Splash with First New York Location


World’s Largest Swim Instruction Provider Looks to Help Commack Children Learn to Swim

Commack, New York (March XX, 2018) – Among children ages one to four, fatal drowning is the second-leading cause of unintentional injury-related death in the U.S. To counter this, Commack will soon be home to a new KIDS FIRST Swim Schools, the world’s largest provider of children’s swimming instruction. The new facility marks the first KIDS FIRST location in New York and will open in early April.

The 9,600 square-foot facility is situated in Pepper Tree Commons at 6401 Jericho Turnpike and will be operated by owners Gregg and Danielle Rieber. Gregg comes from a strong background in swimming and aquatics, as he grew up swimming and later served as a lifeguard. Through Gregg and Danielle’s decision to own a KIDS FIRST Swim School, Gregg will be fulfilling his long-term dream of owning his own business. Danielle, who will run the day-to-day operations of the swim school, previously worked as a pediatric social worker before she and Gregg invested in their KIDS FIRST Swim School. Her passion for helping and working with children greatly influenced her and Gregg’s decision to own a KIDS First Swim Schools franchise.

To help with teaching lessons and managing the pool, Gregg and Danielle have hired Kaitie Brown as their full time Manager. With her swimming career beginning at the age of five, Kaitie has since utilized her passion for swimming to serve as a lifeguard, swimming instructor and program director. She is thrilled to continue her aquatics career with the Commack KIDS FIRST Swim School.

KIDS FIRST Swim Schools provides Commack kids the most effective swim school curriculum in the industry. The brand’s proprietary copyrighted curriculum, KIDS FIRST/Kick First Learn to Swim System, is centered on the three basic skills of breath control, buoyancy and propulsion, and focuses on the fact that swimming is done in 1:6 arms to feet timing, in comparison to most human activities which are done in 1:1 timing. KIDS FIRST Swim Schools offers eight levels of classes centered on its proprietary learn-to-swim curriculum and offers Mommy & Me and Advanced Mommy & Me classes, as well as private and semi-private classes.

“When our two children were young, we struggled to find quality swimming instructions and knew then that there was a need to provide the lifesaving services to other families,” said Danielle. “When we began looking into franchising and came across KIDS FIRST Swim Schools, we were immediately attracted to not only the successful business model, but the dedication the company has to providing a truly extraordinary service to parents and children.”

KIDS FIRST Swim Schools was founded nearly 20 years ago by long-time competitive swim coach Gary Roth, who has more than 40 years of aquatic experience. Refining the methodologies that he learned in his 25-plus years in the industry, Roth claimed copyright for a new curriculum that would revolutionize the swimming lesson industry. Nearly 20 years later, the brand has taught over 150,000 students annually and currently has 33 locations in six states.

“KIDS FIRST Swim Schools is based on the belief that all children should know how to swim, and we’ve made it our mission to spread this notion nationally,” stated Roth, founder and President of KIDS FIRST Swim Schools. “We are thrilled to be sharing our effective, proprietary curriculum and unique services with Commack and the surrounding communities, continuing our advocacy for water safety.”

For more information about KIDS FIRST Swim Schools in Commack, please call 631-600-3280 or visit

About KIDS FIRST Swim Schools

For nearly 20 years, KIDS FIRST Swim Schools has been dedicated to teaching aquatic skills through its copyrighted curriculum, the KIDS FIRST/Kick First Learn to Swim System. Founded by long time competitive swim coach Gary Roth, KIDS FIRST Swim Schools has cemented itself as the world’s largest provider of swim instruction with 33 operating locations and three under construction. For more information about KIDS FIRST Swim Schools, visit


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