kids_first_7KIDS FIRST Swim Schools International Opportunities

KIDS FIRST Swim Schools is pleased to provide a unique opportunity for international investors.

We are offering a limited number of licensing opportunities at a greatly
reduced cost to those entrepreneurs that wish to operate their very own KIDS FIRST Swim School abroad. These Licensing Agreements offer all the benefits of owning your own KIDS FIRST business at a fraction of the cost of a domestic franchise agreement. You receive many of the same great benefits, including:

  1. The use of the trademarked name KIDS FIRST Swim School.
  2. The copyright protection of the KIDS FIRST/Kick First Learn to Swim System.
  3. Business Development, Curriculum and Sales training.
  4. Website consultation and interface capabilities with our corporate website.
  5. Construction Consultation.
  6. Unlimited Reasonable Access to the KIDS FIRST Senior Management Team.
  7. The exclusive right to develop the KIDS FIRST brand in your territory.

KIDS FIRST Swim Schools is the world’s fastest growing provider of swimming instruction. Why try to “reinvent the wheel”, when a proven formula is just a click away. Simply, click on the International Investors link to learn more about this tremendous opportunity.

As long as the earth remains 2/3 covered by water, and as long as the human race keeps creating children, somebody is going to have to teach them to swim. We are committed to being the leader and now you can join us. Contact us today to discuss this unique opportunity.

KIDS FIRST Swim Schools Expanding Globally

KIDS FIRST Swim Schools, Inc., the Maryland based provider of children’s swimming instruction, recently signed an agreement to bring its brand of instruction to the Middle East. Already the world’s largest provider of swimming instruction with 16 locations across the Mid-Atlantic States, KIDS FIRST has reached an agreement to offer its unique operating model and trademarked curriculum to the residents of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The licensing agreement also provides for the future expansion into the Gulf Cooperation Council countries of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar.

KIDS FIRST’s Licensee in Dubai is Sami Bazzari, who was born and raised on the shores of the Arabian Gulf in Kuwait, where swimming and various water activities were part of his daily diet from a very young age. Sami also lived and studied in the United States and France for many years, has two young children of his own, and firmly believes that all children need to know how to swim, no matter what corner of the world they live in.

So, if you are going to teach them how to swim, why not do it the right way…..the KIDS FIRST way? Sami is currently looking for suitable property to build on, but is hopeful to be operating by this September.