kids_first_5Do I need business experience to run a KIDS FIRST Swim Schools franchise?

Prior business knowledge, love and respect for children and a desire to be part of an environment that promotes teamwork are fundamental in running a KIDS FIRST Swim Schools franchise but we’ll help train potential franchisees who have the desire to be part of this successful and exciting opportunity. We will show you how to build your own specialty pool; our nine years of experience building nine corporate locations has enabled us to lay claim to being America’s preeminent builder of these unique swimming facilities. We will also teach you how to deliver the KIDS FIRST Swim Schools copyrighted KIDS FIRST/Kick First Learn to Swim System®. And of course, we will instruct you in setting up your own swim school and will be available to assist you in guiding its operation. Our years of experience have taught us the do’s and don’ts of running a swim school and we will gladly share those lessons with you.

Where should I locate my business?

The prime location for a KIDS FIRST Swim Schools location is a high-traffic area, close to shopping centers and malls. We have found that more than 24% of our business is a result of people seeing our signs; with another 37% coming from referrals. We have found that our schools do best when the population approaches 100,000 within a five mile radius of the site.

What is the cost of entry to own a KIDS FIRST Swim Schools operation?

While other swim school franchisors may offer a business model that requires a huge amount of capital to get started – typically in the $1.5 to $2 million range – the KIDS FIRST Swim Schools model literally costs a 1/3 to 1/4 of that.

How is a KIDS FIRST Swim Schools franchise different from other business opportunities?

The KIDS FIRST Swim Schools business model addresses a fundamental need of all young families….after all, who doesn’t want their children to know how to swim?! Most young families eventually seek swimming lessons. The market is considerable! Secondly, we are offering a service where very little competition exists. Think about your community. Where do people take their children to learn how to swim? The YMCA, local community pool or an outdoor swim club? Think about these options. Are they designed and maintained for kids? Do they offer an environment to enhances the teaching process? Absolutely not! Most general purpose pools are simply too cold or too deep for small children. That’s why learning to swim has historically been perceived to be so difficult. The KIDS FIRST model changes all that. These simple truths speak for themselves, for in nine short years we have built nine corporate locations, primarily off the profits! That’s the difference.

And we want to let you know that we are not interested in expanding for the sake of expanding. KIDS FIRST Swim Schools growth will be accomplished in a controlled fashion. We will be very selective about who we allow to become members of the KIDS FIRST family. Please do not contact us unless your interest is sincere.