“One of the best parts of owning a KIDS FIRST Swim School is the difference that you make in your local community. I enjoy bumping into parents around town and they get so excited talking about their children and the progress they are making at the school. It is very rewarding owning a business that makes such a big difference in its customer’s lives.”

– Brian C.

“What is a good reason to invest in a Kids First Swim School franchise? There are 3,457 reasons. I remember vividly the cold January evening of our first registration ever. At home, our Kids First phone line rang and I answered enthusiastically. After several minutes of conversation, I had enrolled Ella W. in our first Mommy/Daddy & Me class. Two years and many families later, the parents of Wesley, a full-day kindergarten student, enrolled him because he was deathly afraid of the water. While his two older sisters frolicked like dolphins in their club pool, Wes was immobilized, sitting on the steps in the shallow end, playing with his toy boat. Another two years later, Michael, born in Istanbul and 83 years old, had been traumatized at age six when his friends jostled him and he fell into the sea. Where are they now? After five years, Ella W. is still enrolled at our Kids First Swim School, along with her little brother, and she is mastering level 8. Wes learned to relax in the water and is a joyful swimmer, confident that he can play without fear of sinking. Michael is planning a trip to Tahiti with his dear wife Mary. It will be the first vacation together in which he will enjoy swimming. There are 3,454 other “reasons,” a number which represents the kids who have enrolled at our Kids First Swim School since we opened five years ago. Owning a Kids First Swim School franchise follows the same ups-and-downs, challenges, and demands of any business, but the rewards of playing an important role in the community, contributing to the fundraising efforts of churches, synagogues, schools, and local fire and police departments, and, most importantly, teaching children and adults how to swim – saving lives – that is a mission worth the ongoing effort, investment, and enthusiasm.”

– Mary B.

“We knew we wanted to open a Kids First Swim School after learning about the trademarked curriculum and believing that every child should learn to swim. Families want their children to be safe. From the home office support at Kids First, to the follow up instructor training it has propelled us to having a healthy business. We can see the results of our children daily. Being an owner for 5 years, the retention of not only our customers but our students is high. We all believe in the value of teaching children and adults how to swim.”

– Susanna W.